The Partner by Jenaro Prieto. London. 1931. Thornton Butterworth. Translated from the Spanish by Blanca De Roig & Guy Dowler. 256 pages. hardcover.


partner thornton butterworth 1931FROM THE PUBLISHER -


To write a fantasia that deepens into a thing of pity and horror without degenerating into mere unconvincing sensationalism is no mean achievement. It has been accomplished in ‘The Partner,' the story of Pardo, a Chilean business man, who invents an English partner, one Davis, as an excuse for rejecting embarrassing financial propositions. To his horror, he finds that a great many people are deeply interested in Davis, and diverting complications ensue. Comedy, however, changes to tragedy and Spenlow's Jorkins becomes Frankenstein's monster, finally overwhelming his creator. This unforgettable story grips the reader from the first page to the last. 



Prieto JenaroAUTHOR BIOGRAPHY - Jenaro Prieto (5 August 1889, Santiago, Chile - 5 March 1946, Chile) was Chilean journalist, writer and politician. He served as a member of the National Congress of Chile for the Conservative Party during the 1930s. Amongst his best known works as a writer is the novel The Partner (1928) which has been turned into several films.


















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